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ggflowchart 2023_12_20

  • Add vignette on how to style nodes
  • Add initial unit testing
  • Add utils function to determine arrow type
  • Add lintr checks to GH Actions
  • Add contributor guidelines
  • Add option to parse text in nodes.
  • Update README
  • Update linting
  • Add link to issues in Description
  • Add alpha as argument
  • Same level arrows support (issue #5)
  • Add option for custom layout (issue #11)
  • Allow x_nudge and y_nudge to vary for each node. (issue #12)
  • Add arrow_linewidth and arrow_linewidth as arguments (issue #14)
  • Add linewidth as argument (issue #14)
  • Add ability to add arrow labels (issue #15)
  • Add codecov GitHub action (#24)
  • More informative error handling (issue #29)
  • Set minimum version of {ggplot2} (issue #31)

ggflowchart 1.0.0 2023_05_10

CRAN release: 2023-05-11

  • Initial CRAN submission

ggflowchart 0.0.2 2023_05_10

  • Add horizontal argument to ggflowchart()
  • Add arrow_size argument to ggflowchart()
  • Add text_size argument to ggflowchart()
  • Add option to set fill based on column in node_data
  • Add option to set text_colour based on column in node_data
  • Update vignette examples

ggflowchart 0.0.1 2022_08_06

  • Initialise package
  • Adds non-exported get_layout() to obtain centre of node positions
  • Adds non-exported get_nodes() to define perimeter of node boxes
  • Adds non-exported add_node_attr() to include node attributes including labels
  • Adds non-exported get_edges() to define arrow start and end positions
  • Adds ggflowchart() to create flowchart