Nicola Rennie

Academic and Data Scientist

Nicola Rennie is a Lecturer in Health Data Science based within the Centre for Health Informatics, Computing, and Statistics at Lancaster Medical School. Her research interests include applications of statistics and machine learning to healthcare and medicine, communicating data through visualisation, and understanding how we teach statistical concepts. Nicola also has experience in data science consultancy, and collaborates closely with external research partners. She can often be found at data science meetups, presenting at conferences, and is the R-Ladies Lancaster chapter organiser.

Nicola has roles in several organisations including as committee members of the R-Ladies Global Team and the RSS Teaching Statistics Section Group, as co-lead of the Statistics Software Special Interest Group at the RoSE Network, and as a member of the Editorial Board of Significance magazine. She is also one of the Royal Statistical Society’s 2024-2025 William Guy Lecturers, and will be recording and delivering her talk aimed at 11-16 year olds on the topic of using data and statistics to shape decision making in medicine and healthcare.

See a full list of Nicola’s publications.

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