r, data visualisation

Mapping a marathon with {rStrava}

This tutorial blog will walk through the process of getting data from Strava using {rStrava}, making a map of it, and animating the map with {gganimate}.

Creating flowcharts with {ggplot2}

Flowcharts can be a useful way to visualise complex processes. This tutorial blog will explain how to create one using {igraph} and {ggplot2}.

30 Day Chart Challenge 2022

The #30DayChartChallenge is a data visualisation challenge where participants create a chart for each daily prompt.

Getting started with {gt} tables

{gt} is an R package designed to make it easy to make good looking tables. This blog post demonstrates how to add plots as a column in a {gt} table.

#CottonViz Data Visualisation Challenge

In June, the #CottonViz data visualisation challenge was run by the History of Statistics & Young Statisticians sections of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS).