Journal publications

Outlier detection in network revenue management.
N. Rennie, C. Cleophas, A. M. Syksulski, F. Dost. OR Spectrum. 2023. doi:

Analysing and visualising bike sharing demand with outliers.
N. Rennie, C. Cleophas, A. M. Syksulski, F. Dost. Discover Data. Volume 1, Issue 1. March 2023. doi:

Identifying and responding to outlier demand in revenue management.
N. Rennie, C. Cleophas, A. M. Syksulski, F. Dost. European Journal of Operational Research. Volume 293, Issue 3, 16 September 2021, 1015-1030. doi:

Other publications

Creating Christmas cards with R.
N. Rennie. Real World Data Science (online). 2023. Link:

Best practices for data visualisation.
A. Krause, N. Rennie. B. Tarran. Royal Statistical Society (online). 2023. Link:

We’re not getting any younger! Or should that be older?
N. Rennie. Significance (online). 2022. Link:

Detecting demand outliers in transport systems.
N. Rennie. PhD Thesis. 2021. doi:

Preprint publications

Prevalence of radiological cerebral small vessel disease: an insight from routinely collected data.
M. P. Maskery, N. Rennie, S. Mathur, J. Knight, H. C. A. Emsley. Preprint. November 2023. doi:

Blog posts

Besides the blog posts you’ll find on this website, I’ve also contributed blog posts to a variety of other organisations:

Real World Data Science

Real World Data Science is a project from the Royal Statistical Society, in partnership with the American Statistical Association. It’s developed by data science practitioners and leaders with a single goal in mind: to help deliver high quality, ethical, and impactful data science projects.

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Jumping Rivers

Jumping Rivers write blog posts on topics related to R, Python, and all things data science. You can find the blog posts I contributed when I worked as a Data Scientist at Jumping Rivers listed below.

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The Posit (formerly RStudio) blog covers topics including industry, open source, products and technology, training and education, and data science leadership. You can find my contributed blogs listed below.

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