Apps and dashboards

I have developed several dashboards and applications, covering a variety of topics and uses, and a few are highlighted here:


An app that displays every #TidyTuesday plot I’ve created, with functionality to search by packages used in creating the plots and links to the original code and data, that updates by itself whenever I create a new plot. This app is deployed using Shinylive for R, meaning it runs in the user’s web browser and does not require an R server. Read my blog post describing the process of building and deploying this Shiny app.

Screenshot of tidytuesday shiny app


An application to generate and download generative art created in R. The app allows people to choose a piece of generative art, set colours and other parameters, then click a button to download a PNG file of the art.

Screenshot of art shiny app


A simple R shiny application to browse tweets related to R, Python, and data science. This app uses GitHub actions to automatically update data and redeploy the shiny app.

Read my blog post about creating, deploying, and updating this Shiny app for more information.

Screenshot of shinytweet shiny app

Outlier Detection

An R shiny dashboard based on my PhD research to detect outliers in functional time series data occurring in a network in an online setting. Accompanies the paper titled “Detecting outlying demand in multi-leg bookings for transportation networks”.

A webR powered Shiny app for browsing TidyTuesday plots

Seeing double? Building the same app in Shiny for R and Shiny for Python

Automatically deploying a Shiny app for browsing #RStats tweets with GitHub Actions