Viz For Social Good

By Nicola Rennie in Data visualisation

What is Viz For Social Good?

Viz For Social Good (VFSG) volunteers create informative and impactful data visualizations for mission-driven organizations across the globe. Check out the organisation here. All code is available on GitHub.

Tap Elderly Women’s Wisdom for Youth (TEWWY)

Tap Elderly Women’s Wisdom for Youth (TEWWY) is an organisation which taps the wisdom of grandmothers to serve the mental health needs of vulnerable populations. TEWWY’s Mental Health Intervention Programs (MHIPs) have reached 17,975 people through its initiatives in Dar-es-Salaam’s 5 municipalities and in Kilwa, Lindi rural community. Nearly 1 in 10 people have a mental health disorder, but only 1% of the global health workforce provides mental health care. 1,397 patients answered questions about their mental health, giving scores from 0 to 3 on how often, over the last 2 weeks, they have been bothered by different problems. A score of 0 indicates that the patient answered No, whilst a score above 0 indicates the patient answered Yes. The infographics indicate the percentage of people answering Yes to each questions, split by male and female patients.

Build Up Nepal

Build up Nepal is a social business dedicated to building resilient communities and fighting poverty in rural areas of Nepal.

VFSG: Visualize Our Community

Non-profits around the world are driving positive social change but some of them lack the in-house resources to effectively tell their story with the data they have. Viz For Social Good (VFSG) helps non-profits thrive by connecting talented community members with organizations in need of data visualization skill sets. In November 2021, Viz For Social Good ran a community poll, the results of which will help shape their diversity & inclusion efforts. 224 people responded from 38 different countries.

Sunny Street

Sunny Street is changing the world by providing healthcare to the most vulnerable people in Eastern Australia. One conversation between a Sunny Street volunteer and a patient can change the course of both of their lives. Although the Covid-19 pandemic caused many clinics to be cancelled, Sunny Street volunteers had the same (or more) conversations and consultations. There has been little change in patient demographic throughout the pandemic.