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By Nicola Rennie in Data visualisation

May 1, 2022


Tableau is an interactive data visualization tool, used to make plots, dashboards, and presentations of data. Although I primarily use R to create plots and dashbaords for visualising data, I’ve recently started to explore less-programmatic ways of visualiing data.

My portfolio of data visualisation is still under construction, and the following represents some preliminary examples of plots and dashboards I have built using Tableau. My Tableau data visualisations and dashboards can be found on my Tableau Public profile.


In order to improve my Tableau skills, I’ve started visualising #TidyTuesday data sets in Tableau as well as in R (and calling it #TableauTuesday). All of the examples here can be found on my Tableau Public profile.

In this example, I visualised the score differences in Scotland’s rugby matches in the Womens' Six Nations Rugby tournament. The chart is a lollipop chart, colour-coded by whether or not the macth was a home or away game. The image on the left shows the version created using Tableau, and the image on the right shows the version created using {ggplot2} in R.

The data can be found on GitHub.

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European Flights

I revisited some data from one of the #TidyTuesday challenges on European flights data from Eurocontrol. I constructed a dashboard to display information of flights leaving or arriving from six European countries, where users can filter by a date range and a set of countries they are interested in. The dashboard is available on Tableau Public.

I also recreated the same dashboard using {shiny} in R, and embedded it as a new tab in the Tableau dashboard for a side-by-side comparison of R and Tableau.

#30ChartMapChallenge 2022

For the 2022 #30DayChartChallenge, I used Tableau to create a voronoi treemap of sunflower seed production by country. I also created the same map using R, which can be found here. I then expanded this into a larger dashboard, incorporating further data sources and additional plots.

#30DayMapChallenge 2021

As part of the 2021 #30DayMapChallenge, I visualised the population in different electoral wards in Glasgow. The rest of my contributions for the challenge can be found here.

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May 1, 2022
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