{shiny} applications

By Nicola Rennie in Dashboards

I have developed several {shiny} applications which are hosted on shinyapps.io.

Outlier Detection

An R shiny dashboard based on my PhD research to detect outliers in functional time series data occurring in a network in an online setting. Accompanies the paper titled “Detecting outlying demand in multi-leg bookings for transportation networks”.

Life Expectancy

An R shiny dashboard to accompany my Significance article We’re not getting any younger! Or should that be older? which investigates trends in life expectancy.


An R shiny application to generate and download generative art created in R.


A simple R shiny application to browse tweets related to R, Python, and data science. This app uses GitHub actions to automatically update data and redeploy the shiny app.

Read my blog post on creating this Shiny app for more information.