Data Visualisation

By Nicola Rennie in Data Visualisation

Data visualisation is essential for exploratory analysis, and for effectively communicating results. Although I primarily use R for data visualisation, I also have experience of using Python, Tableau, rawgraphs, Inkscape, and Figma. I began researching what makes an effective data visualisation during my PhD when trying to visualise large volumes of data, and started contributing to #TidyTuesday!


#TidyTuesday is a weekly data challenge aimed at the R community. Every week a new dataset is posted alongside a chart or article related to that dataset, and ask participants explore the data.


The #30DayChartChallenge is a data visualisation challenge where participants make one chart each day, inspired by the daily prompt. The prompts are split across 5 categories. I used a range of tools to create my charts, including R, Python, Tableau, rawgraphs, Inkscape, and Figma. Most of the charts were built in R, but I used at least one new tool for each of the five categories.


The #30DayMapChallenge is a data visualisation challenge organised by Topi Tjukanov. Participants make one map each day of the challenge, inspired by the daily prompt. Check out the challenge on GitHub, or see contributions on the official website.

Viz For Social Good

Viz For Social Good (VFSG) volunteers create informative and impactful data visualizations for mission-driven organizations across the globe.

Check out the organisation here. All code is available on GitHub.

DuBois Challenge

The DuBois Challenge is part of a celebration of the data visualization legacy of W.E.B DuBois which attempts to recreate the visualizations from the 1900 Paris Exposition using modern tools.

Note that the text in the visualisations is taken from the original charts and uses antiquated terms to refer to populations of colour.


Tableau is an interactive data visualization tool, used to make plots, dashboards, and presentations of data. Although I primarily use R to create plots and dashboards for visualising data, I’ve recently started to explore less-programmatic ways of visualising data. My Tableau data visualisations and dashboards can be found on my Tableau Public profile. In order to improve my Tableau skills, I’ve started visualising #TidyTuesday data sets in Tableau as well as in R.