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By Nicola Rennie in Data visualisation

May 1, 2022

The #30DayChartChallenge is a data visualisation challenge organised by Cédric Scherer and Dominic Royé. Participants make one chart each day of the challenge, inspired by the daily prompt. The prompts are also split across 5 different categories. Check out the challenge at twitter.com/30DayChartChall. You can also see my contributions for the challenge on twitter at @nrennie35 from April 1 - 30 2022.


For the 2022 challenge, I used a range of tools to create my charts, including:

  • R
  • Python
  • Tableau
  • rawgraphs
  • Inkscape
  • Figma

Most of the charts I created were built in R, but I used at least one “new” tool for each of the six categories. The prompts and categories for 2022 were:

See examples


Day 1 (Part to whole) in R

Day 2 (Pictogram) in R

Day 3 (Historical) in R

Day 4 (Flora) in Tableau (left) and R (right)

Day 5 (Slope) in R

Day 6 (Our World in Data) in R


Day 7 (Physical) in R

Day 8 (Mountains) in Figma

Day 9 (Statistics) in R

Day 10 (Experimental) in R

Day 11 (Circular) in R

Day 12 (The Economist) in R


Day 13 (Correlation) in R

Day 14 (3-Dimensional) in Python and R

Day 15 (Multivariate) in R

Day 16 (Environment) in R

Day 17 (Connections) in R

Day 18 (OECD) in R

Time Series

Day 19 (Global Change) in R

Day 20 (New Tool) in Inkscape

Day 21 (Down and Upwards) in R

Day 22 (Animation) in R

Day 23 (Tiles) in R

Day 24 (Financial Times) in R


Day 25 (Trend) in R

Day 26 (Interactive) in R

Day 27 (Future) in R

Day 28 (Deviations) in RAWgraphs and Inkscape

Day 29 (Storytelling) in R and Inkscape

Day 30 (UN Population) in R

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May 1, 2022
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