Overview of academic research and data science projects.


My research interests lie in statistics and data science, with a focus on applications to health data.


Teaching experience in data science, statistics, management science, and programming.


My data science consultancy experience includes designing data visualisations, developing dashboards, and personalised training courses.

{shiny} applications

A selection of interactive applications and dashboards developed using {shiny} in R and Python.

R Packages

R packages for generative art, data analysis and visualisation; data simulation, and outlier detection.

Data Visualisation

A selection of my data visualisation work created in R, Python, Tableau, rawgraphs, Inkscape, and Figma.


Generative art is the practice of creating artwork using code. When the programming language of choice is R, it’s often termed Rtistry or aRt.

Automated Reporting

Using Quarto or R Markdown, narrative text can be combined with code to create fully reproducible reports, and automate the reporting process.