An overview of some of my data science, data visualisation, and interactive dashboard projects.

{shiny} applications

A selection of interactive applications and dashboards developed in R using {shiny}.

R Packages

R packages for generative art, data analysis and visualisation; data simulation, and outlier detection.


My research interests lie in statistics and operational research, more specifically in time series analysis, forecasting, and outlier detection with a focus on applications of methodology.


Generative art is the practice of creating artwork using code. When the programming language of choice is R, it’s often termed Rtistry or aRt.

Data Visualisation

Data visualisation is essential for exploratory analysis, and for effectively communicating results. This is a selection of my data visualisation work created in R, Python, Tableau, rawgraphs, Inkscape, and Figma.


#TidyTuesday is a weekly data challenge aimed at the R community. Every week a new data set is posted alongside a chart or article related to that data set, and ask participants explore the data.