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R-bloggers is a blog aggregator of content contributed by bloggers who write about R. The R-related content of this blog can also be found on R-bloggers.

R Weekly

R Weekly keeps track of great things in the R community and makes it more accessible to everyone. My blog post on Creating flowcharts with {ggplot2} was featured on R-Weekly in June 2022.

R Weekly Podcast

The R Weekly podcast offers a quick description of the latest highlighted stories and other stories from the latest R Weekly issue. You can listen to the podcast discussing my blog post on flowcharts here.

R4DS Online Community

The R4DS Online Learning Community is a community of R learners at all skill levels working together to improve their skills. Join the Slack workspace to meet other R users.


R-Ladies is a global organisation that aims to promote gender diversity in the R community. Join the Slack workspace to meet other R users.

Jumping Rivers

Jumping Rivers write blog posts on topics related to R, Python, and all things data science. You can find my contributed blogs listed below.

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January 6, 2022
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