Introduction to reproducible reporting with Quarto

This workshop will introduce you to Quarto, an open-source scientific and technical publishing system that allows you to combine narrative text, code, images, and tables. We’ll learn how to make different types of documents such as PDF, MS Word, and HTML, and how to parameterise reports and save ourselves time!

Creating your data science portfolio

Creating a data science portfolio can help you to develop your skills, and well as showcase them to the wider world. In this talk, we’ll discuss how to build a portfolio with #TidyTuesday.

Custom colour scales for {ggplot2}

In this talk, I’ll show you how to make a your own custom colour scale functions to add your own colours to {ggplot2} graphics - no more copying and pasting scale_colour_manual()!

Styling {ggplot2} graphics for accessibility

In this talk, I’ll discuss good practices for styling different elements of your plots, demonstrate how you implement these in {ggplot2}, and show you how defining your own theme functions can make the process smoother.

R-Ladies Nairobi: #30DayChartChallenge

In this talk, I discuss why and how I created 30 charts for the #30DayChartChallenge, the aspects I found most challenging, and some interesting things I discovered in R along the way!