Styling documents and building extensions with Quarto

This session will give an overview of ways to customise HTML outputs (including documents and revealjs slides) as well as PDF documents. We’ll also discuss the use of Quarto extensions as a way of sharing customised templates with others.

Teaching statistics interactively with webR

In this talk, I’ll describe ways that teaching materials can be adjusted and made more engaging with live coding examples. It will include a demonstration of using webR to teach a simple statistical concept showing its potential to revolutionise the way we teach data science.

Classification of phonocardiogram signals to detect heart murmurs

Phonocardiographs are used to capture high resolution recordings of heart sounds. This lightning talk will discuss how we can use time series analysis can uncover hidden structures in the recordings, and use this information to detect and classify heart murmurs.

Using {tidymodels} to detect heart murmurs

This talk will give a brief overview of the {tidymodels} framework for machine learning, discuss the extraction of time series features, demonstrate the process of fitting machine learning models in R to heart sound recordings, and consider different approaches to model evaluation.

Reproducible data reports with Quarto

Quarto is an open-source scientific and technical publishing system. Quarto allows you to weave together narrative text and code to produce elegantly formatted output and tell a story.

useR: Learning {ggplot2} with generative art

This talk will highlight a few of the more subtle differences in some aspects of ggplot2 discovered through experimenting with generative art, and show how we might exploit these subtleties to make more informative data science plots.