Written by Nicola Rennie

Introducing {PrettyCols}

An introduction to {PrettyCols} - a new R package containing aesthetically pleasing colour palettes that are compatible with {ggplot2}.

By Nicola Rennie in R

September 2, 2022

Designing #TidyTuesday visualisations for mobile (with Quarto)

If, like me, you mostly scroll through Twitter on your phone, you might want to consider designing your content specifically aimed at people who look at Twitter on their phone. Here’s how to do it in R, with a little help from Quarto.

By Nicola Rennie in R

August 16, 2022

Mapping a marathon with {rStrava}

This tutorial blog will walk through the process of getting data from Strava using {rStrava}, making a map of it, and animating the map with {gganimate}.

By Nicola Rennie in R

July 18, 2022

Creating flowcharts with {ggplot2}

Flowcharts can be a useful way to visualise complex processes. This tutorial blog will explain how to create one using {igraph} and {ggplot2}.

By Nicola Rennie in R

June 6, 2022

Getting started with {gt} tables

{gt} is an R package designed to make it easy to make good looking tables. This blog post demonstrates how to add plots as a column in a {gt} table.

By Nicola Rennie in gt

April 21, 2022