Written by Nicola Rennie

How to make your own #RStats Wrapped!

Forget about Spotify Wrapped and make your own #RStats Wrapped instead! This blog post will show you how to find your most used functions and make a graphic with {ggplot2}!

By Nicola Rennie in R

December 3, 2022

30 Day Map Challenge 2022

The #30DayMapChallenge is a month-long mapping, cartography, and data visualization challenge aimed at the spatial community. Here are the things I’ve learnt from participating in the challenge for a second time.

By Nicola Rennie in R

November 30, 2022

Using functional analysis to model air pollution data in R

Let’s say you need to understand how your data changes within a day, and between different days. Functional analysis is one approach of doing just that so here’s how I applied functional analysis to some air pollution data using R!

By Nicola Rennie in R

November 14, 2022

Introducing {PrettyCols}

An introduction to {PrettyCols} - a new R package containing aesthetically pleasing colour palettes that are compatible with {ggplot2}.

By Nicola Rennie in R

September 2, 2022

Designing #TidyTuesday visualisations for mobile (with Quarto)

If, like me, you mostly scroll through Twitter on your phone, you might want to consider designing your content specifically aimed at people who look at Twitter on their phone. Here’s how to do it in R, with a little help from Quarto.

By Nicola Rennie in R

August 16, 2022